Four Eyes Camera

A modern twist on a vintage classic.

Early Prototype

Early Prototype


It all started when…

I’ve always been obsessed with camera projects. I love making cameras, and photography related hardware. One of my favorite vintage cameras is the Nimslo. The Nimslo featured four individual lenses and shutters, all four would fire at the same instance. The resulting developed images could be printed out into a Lenticular - special paper that would filter the images as you shifted it form side to side, giving a fun three dimensional effect.

I had a few cheap cameras lying around after building a 360 virtual reality camera. I decided to use these to create a new, all digital, Nimslo camera. Using the circuitry I design for the 360 camera I linked the shutters of the four cameras together. I built a small cardboard enclosure with a single power button and a single shutter butter. Pressing the shutter would cause all four cameras to capture a photo at exactly the same moment. But I needed a way to combine the photos.

I wrote an iPhone app that would connect to the cameras via an ad-hoc wifi network and download the photos. Next the app would combine four photos into a looping movie that would give them a 3d effect.

Some fouries from the camera.

Some fouries from the camera.

After some time playing with the camera I decided to ditch the hardware and make a fully featured iPhone App.

Skills —

  • linux kernel

  • objective-c

  • Nerwork Programming

  • Electrical engineering