Van Conversion

Building a camper van from scratch.


It all started with…

A road trip. After taking a 6 week tour of National parks, my partner and I decided we wanted to live full time on the road. After weighing all of our options, we bought a cargo van and began to convert it into a new home. I meticulously designed every aspect of the home, through several iterations, using 3d modeling software and a VR headset to preview the tiny space at-scale.

Our home had to be fully functional, as we planned to live and work on the road for a long period of time. Building the van touched on almost every skill I had and a few that I didn’t -electrical, 3d modeling, software development, carpentry, metal work, project management, plumbing.

A tour of our home on wheels.

It took 3 months of planning and 3 months of building to complete our home on wheels. The final van has a full sized bed, plenty of storage, a fully solar powered electrical system, a kitchenette with fridge and sink, and plenty of living space. We have now lived in it for several months and counting. There have been tweaks and changes along the way, but for the most part all of that planning has paid off! Read More Here


  • Electrical Engineering

  • carpentry

  • Project management

  • 3d modelling