Four Eyes

An iOS App for making 3D photos

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Four Eyes started as a physical project. The goal was to recreate the photography of vintage lenticular cameras, like the Nimslo. The project slowly evolved into a full feature iOS App. The concept is simple, take a handful of photos and choose a focal point. Four Eyes aligns all of the photos around the focal point, and turns them into a looping video or gif. When the images are aligned and played they have a 3d effect.

The tech side is rather complex, combining computer vision, image processing, stabilization, and some rather fun geometry. I also designed the app, and animated a fun FTUE using characters illustrated by Lindsay McMinn. It was fun and challenging to carry a project through the entire development process -from design, beta testing, user testing, creating promotional material, all the way to final App Store release. You can find it here.


skills —

  • Swift

  • UI/UX Design

  • Production Design

  • Realtime camera processing

  • Computer vision

  • Animation