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Dear Fathers,

Thank you. You are doing such good work, not only for your children, but for a generation that has yet to fully take shape. You are an inspiration, a role model, and a positive image of masculinity. Our culture is steeped in negative masculinity right now. Much of what we each learn about masculinity comes from our parents, and the culture around us. Thank you for being a positive example to your children, for showing them that masculinity can care, can be vulnerable, and that it can love. Thank you for showing this new generation that positive masculinity isn't brute strength, but the grace of non-violence. That true strength is acknowledging your limitations, your faults, and your vulnerabilities without disparaging your own character. 

Thank you for inspiring the coming generation. Thank you for showing them how to love without fear. How to have compassion and empathy without embarrassment. How to use their strengths to help others. 

Thank you. Happy Father's Day.

Brandon Withrow