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Airbnb Tablet

Airbnb Tablet

The first version of Airbnb on iPad

The first version of Airbnb on iPad


It all started when…

I was an early adopter of the iPad. The sleek tablet, bright display, and it’s complex gestures fulfilled the promise made by the likes of Star Trek, Minority Report, and just about any futurist SciFi. The first iPad changed me from a part-time/hobbyist iOS developer into a fully obsessed developer. It seemed the possibilities were endless.

When I first joined Airbnb in 2013 I was surprised, like many at the time, to discover they did not offer and iPad app. I jumped at every opportunity to work on the project, and eventually the project was scoped out in full. I was tech lead for the iOS app, to be developed simultaneously with an Android counterpart. For the project I built working prototypes, used my previous animation knowledge to build animated prototypes, and introduced new engineering design patterns to the existing iOS project. Read More Here


Skills —

  • Objective-C

  • Animated Prototyping

  • After Effects

  • Technical Leadership

  • Project Management